Our solutions
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Our solutions

Transportation and logistics provider

Our services are intended primarily for distribution companies, especially those who have developed a type of B2C clientele.

We handle our client’s logistics and we also handle the transport process (from our warehouses to the customers) via our transportation partners.

International and Multi-Channel

As we are part of the DIMOTRANS group, we have the ability to provide international service while ensuring multi-channel distribution.

We currently work with most distribution sectors (high-tech, health & beauty, clothing, household appliances, etc.).

Intended for Start-Ups or established businesses

Offres Start-UP

Pack start-up - ecommerce

An offer for new companies or those with a reduced volume of business. This service is standardised, you therefore benefit from an offer that is on a variable-cost basis and that has no launch costs.


Pack Expert - e-commerce

implementation of more complex distribution systems that are better for specific types of customers, products, services, etc.