Our resources
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Our resources

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Our logistics platform

Management of the e-commerce supply chain is complex.
Changes in the e-commerce sector are in full swing, so it is vital for manager to have access to solid expertise.
The distribution channels that need to be set up are based on systems that combine preparation from inventory, cross-docking, drop-shipping, etc.
In order to optimise the service that is provided and distribution costs, one needs to have a logistics platform that ensures mastery of the various techniques necessary for total control of the supply chain.

Our Expertise

The So eBusiness management team has 15 years of experience in the e-commerce logistics industry.
This expertise enables the needs related to e-commerce distribution to converge with the available transportation and logistics means. So eBusiness closely monitors technological developments, which enables the company’s clients to be informed of new opportunities in the sector and be able to use them in the future.


Our Warehouses

We have several platforms.
One platform, in the Paris region, is entirely dedicated to e-commerce.
Some of the DIMOTRANS group’s French platforms have areas that are designed for e-commerce activities.
Furthermore, the group’s other warehouses, particularly in Europe, manage certain activities (returned package accumulation zone, cross-dock zones, …) on behalf of So eBusiness.

Logistics Infrastructures

Our transport partners

The diversity involved in the services expected by customers, the products that are shipped and the countries on the receiving end of a delivery require one to use more than one transport partner.
One of the major advantages of outsourcing logistics is the opportunity to work with several different carriers.
Thanks to its order volumes and its independence in relation to general delivery carriers, So eBusiness benefits from the possibility of working with several different carriers.

transport partners

Our IT system

The logistics and transport services associated with e-commerce aim to accommodate users’ wishes, as they expect rapid order processing and the ability to monitor delivery information as well as inventories.
It is therefore necessary to have advanced IT systems that are capable of interfacing with all market shops, particularly Magento, PrestaShop, Oxatis, PowerBoutique, WooCommerce, etc.
One should also be equipped with an infrastructure that is able to support large volume gaps.
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Feel free to contact us to tell us about your project or to obtain information on our e-commerce logistics platform. We promise to give you a quick response that is tailored to your needs.