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The team, its values


Salvatore Alaimo


Salvatore Alaimo founded the DIMOTRANS group and developed it in a rapid but controlled manner. Salvatore has successfully led the group through its development and diversification, while remaining focused on the group’s original line of business as well as maintaining its independence. Despite the group’s various acquisitions, Salvatore has been able to uphold the group’s founding values and its human scale.



Stéphane Hernandez


After launching his career in information system and logistics processes, Stéphane joined the DIMOTRANS group in order to develop its logistics business. As the Managing Director of the group’s logistics BU, Stéphane successfully developed the B2B business across France’s various regions and Europe’s major countries. Along with Salvatore, he is credited with the creation of So eBusiness, that is to say, the group’s e-commerce logistics business.


Managing Director

Luc de Murard - DG So eBusiness


Luc started working in the logistics sector in 1985 in an organisational consulting role. Afterwards, he led the FNAC’s supply chain implementation project and then ran a book distribution subsidiary at Vivendi. Over the last 15 years, he has participated in the evolution of the logistics sector in order to adapt it to the e-commerce sector. In 2000, he co-founded the CrossLog company with Franck Bornet, which he managed for 15 years. He joined the So eBusiness company in June 2015.


Managing Director
So eBusiness

Franck Bornet


Franck has worked in the logistics sector since the very beginning of his career. While working within one of the Vivendi group’s book distribution subsidiaries, he held various operational roles, notably in areas relating to processes, IT systems, quality and the management of operational resources. In 2000, he co-founded the CrossLog company with Luc de Murard, running the company’s operations. He joined the So eBusiness company in June 2015.


Director of Operations
So eBusiness




Our values


Respect for people, the companies we work with and each person's job and culture is essential. Above all, our aim is to integrate ourselves into your company's culture in order to better understand it and so that it is reflected in our daily actions.


So eBusiness aims to share its employees' know-how and expertise. We never forget that this know-how was obtained by working for our clients and that by helping our clients move forward, we also progress in turn.


Transparency is a key commitment. It applies to all of our relationships, from those within the group to those with our clients and our partners. Such transparency is the foundation of mutual trust and, in our opinion, it is determinant of a project's success.


Because we want to be able to support our clients over the long term, we need to ensure that our business is profitable. Indeed, this enables us to ensure the sustainability of our client relationships and to secure the investment capacity needed for the growth of the sector.


The e-commerce sector is changing rapidly. It is the product of technological developments, internationalisation, the transformation of supply chain players and changes in consumer behaviour. Each day, we encounter new challenges linked to these mutations. Addressing these obstacles is in our DNA.


We want to do our job the right way, in accordance with our values - as demonstrated in our everyday efforts - while remaining by your side. We instil in our teams the pleasure of a job well done, the sharing of our expertise and the acknowledgment of our values. We are betting on the fact that work performed under these conditions and with passion is a source of both performance and quality for our clients.


Please feel free to contact us to present your project. We are commited to give you rapidly an answer.