So eBusiness: E-commerce logistics
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E-commerce logistics

Convoyeur colis ou bacs

So eBusiness is a subsidiary of the DIMOTRANS group.

We handle e-commerce sites’ logistics.

The combined expertise of our founders and our group enables us to provide a quality service at the best possible cost. We developed all the skills required for e-commerce logistics.

Our clients are companies of all sizes, whether already established or in the development stage. For companies that are just starting up, we have developed an adapted offer (Start-Up Package).

Our expertise allows us to offer services that are tailored to a company’s line of business (distribution channel, type of product, service objectives).

E-commerce logistics

We created the So eBusiness company in order to form a skill and resource cluster that is able to serve the needs of the e-commerce logistics sector in an effective manner.

So eBusiness was created thanks to its founders’ e-logistics expertise as well as the DIMOTRANS group’s many resources.

Our history

Our commitments

Because our clients make commitments to their customers, we are committed to meeting deadlines, ensuring the quality of order preparation and properly managing inventory.

We implement the use of quality indicators (KPI) and we offer a penalty system in the event that targets are not met (SLA)

Our commitments

The team

We pay a great deal of attention to how staff members are managed and how they are integrated into our organisation. For us, this is a key element of our success. In our opinion, operational excellence cannot be achieved if you don’t have a strong team that shares the same goals and works in a quality environment.

The team

Key figures

The figures we present are intended to demonstrate:

  • the quality of our services
  • the sustainability of our organisation
Key figures
Feel free to contact us to tell us about your project or to obtain information on our e-commerce logistics platform. We promise to give you a quick response that is tailored to your needs.